@@@Activities of Japan Sabo Association

Gathering requests for expanding Sabo projects.
National conventions, and solicitation of opinions
Cooperation and participation in nationwide general meetings of local branches

Making proposals to the government.
Exchanging opinions between members and concerned persons
Exchanging information with the administration, universities, etc.

Providing up-to-date Sabo information.
Providing information through our homepage: http://www.sabo.or.jp/
Publishing "THE SABO" every other month
Publishing the "Sabo News Letter"

JSA collects and provides information on Sabo.

JSA conducts investigations and research into Sabo, and contributes to and supports the advance of Sabo technology.
Research on erosion and sediment disasters
Subsidized projects for investigation and research

JSA prepares seminars to advance the technology of Sabo.
Seminars on Sabo, and the prevention of landslides
Symposium on Sabo technology
Seminars, forums and so on

JSA conducts publicity work to disseminate Sabo information.
Supporting Erosion and Sediment Disaster Prevention Month and Avalanche Prevention Week
Conducting the Photo Contest for Erosion and Sediment Disaster Prevention
Preparing and providing materials for introducing Sabo
Publishing the "Serials of Sabo"

JSA promotes international exchange.
Conducting and supporting overseas investigation of disasters
Conducting joint research on Sabo with Taiwan
Jointly holding the international conference on Sabo, Interpraevent in the Pacific Rim
Courses on volcanology and Sabo technology (for JICA overseas trainees)
Exchanges with many countries

JSA publishes information about Sabo administration and technology.

JSA accumulates, stores and provides data.
Managing the Sabo Library
Managing the Sabo Archives
Managing the Akagi Memorial Hall

JSA commends those who make contributions to Sabo.
Presenting the Akagi Prize and others
Commendation of the Chairman of JSA

JSA provides the Sabo Hall for us by all.

Guide to Japan Sabo Association