Guide to Sabo Hall

The main building and annexes of the Sabo Hall have various conference rooms, such as Schonbach Sabo, for multipurpose use. The conference rooms are used by many people for meetings and seminars.

Conference Rooms
Area (u) Maximum
1st Floor at the Annex B (Schonbach Sabo)
Tone 856 1200
Kiso 209 250
Yodo 206 250
Shinano 213 250
Yodo and Shinano 419 520

3rd Floor at the Annex B (Schonbach Sabo)
Kirishima (Round table) 127 38
Rokko 130 140
Tateyama 123 130
Hotaka 130 140

Main Building
Special (Round table) 97 22
* and another small conference rooms.

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