Tamisuke Watanuki
Japan Sabo Association

Japan is a country richly endowed with nature and with four definite seasons where people can live the most comfortable life in the world. But, this bountiful nature is also sometimes very harsh. It threatens human life, bringing about disaster. It may be no exaggeration to say that people in our country, who have always lived in fear of natural disaster, have fought the menace of tragic erosion and sediment disasters.
Confronting this harsh nature, the Sabo(erosion and sediment control) has played an important role by devoting all efforts to reducing and overcoming erosion and sediment disasters. We have also worked hard to help harsh and rough nature return to calm and gentle nature. Through theses efforts, devastated mountains have been come back to green mountains in various areas and we have succeeded in restoring beautiful nature.
Still, in recent years, erosion and sediment disasters strike frequently both nationally and internationally, and disasters have become very diversified. So, Sabo projects that ensures a safe, comfortable life of the people and development of the social economy by protecting the life and property of the nation from erosion and sediment disasters is the very fundamental of national affairs. Our predecessors appreciated this importance as early as the late 19th century and put forth serious efforts to promote Sabo projects in Japan.
Our association was started as a voluntary organization in 1935 by the endeavors of Dr. Masao Akagi and was established as an incorporated association in 1940. Since then, we have worked hard for the development of Sabo projects for over 60 years in keeping with the idea of the association that "we bring together the power of the people who comprehend the importance of Sabo projects and arouse public opinion to strive for the development of Sabo projects."
erosion and sediment disasters have become more complicated and diversified along with the diversification of people's lives and needs, complex and extensive socio-economic activities, and the changes of natural phenomena. New and diversified measures are required for Sabo projects according to the drastic change of the environment of Sabo projects.
Our association, while considering our initial idea and respecting each member's opinion, will continue to devote all our energies to reducing and preventing erosion and sediment disasters , and carry out our mission. Your generous support and cooperation are very much appreciated.

"Making Every Effort for Sabo"
as a successor to our founder's resolution

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